Each letter sent through SimplePostal has a unique barcode that gets scanned by USPS as it travels through the mail stream. You can access this information in the dashboard. Please note that this tracking data is not available on USPS's website

Delivery times will vary depending on destination. Domestic delivery estimates are between 4 to 6 business days.

The best way to see what our products look and feel like is to send one to yourself! This way you will also get to see how SimplePostal works end-to-end.

You can preview the letter and see the final rendered document to check how it will be printed in the draft mode. After you are satisfied, you can hit send. Once you send a piece of mail, it is sent immediately - think of the send button of our product like email.

All included at one low price - printing, postage and shipping. Only pay for what you send. Higher discounts at higher volume. As low as $1.50 per mail.